Letter of Condolence from HKSR


The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR) unfortunately records immense sadness for the loss of Mr Rex LUK, Director (Operations, Rehabus), on 25 January 2021 due to serious illness. The passing of Rex was inevitably marked with great sorrow and outpourings of grief.

Rex graduated with a Professional Diploma in Transport from the former Hong Kong Polytechnic and held an MBA from the Cardiff University.

Rex first joined HKSR as Transport Manager of Rehabus in 1992 and was later promoted to Director of Rehabus in 2006. He had always been committed to promoting accessible transport for people with disabilities. Rex worked with his relentless passion and he was paying attention to the needs of service users. He was approachable and worked closely with other colleagues through thick and thin. He also acted as a bridge of communication with Rehabus Transport Assistants Union and encouraged mutual respect. With the notion of service users being our top priority, he was well liked by all who knew him.

Rex had profound knowledge in management of public transport services. He was a member of both The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Institute of Transport Administration. He was devoted to promoting the accessibility of public transport facilities, in particular the introduction of low-floor buses and minibuses. As a member of the Training Committee of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong he advocated to raise the awareness of the needs of people with disabilities among tour guides and escorts.

Apart from playing a key role in Hong Kong’s accessible transport, Rex shared his unparalleled expertise abroad. He was appointed by the Transportation Research Board as a member of the Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility. He was the Invited Expert of the Working Committee on Accessible Transportation and Accessible Tourism of the Asia Pacific Disability Forum and a member of the 2011 International Steering Committee of the 4th International Conference on Accessible Tourism (ICAT).

With a modest and generous character, Rex unreservedly provided professional advice to other organisations in Hong Kong or overseas, on matters related to accessible vehicles, accessible transport policies and practices. He had visited Singapore, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Taipei to render support for their accessible transport services at his own time and expenses. He was much respected for his noble endeavours.

Spanning nearly three decades, Rex had been devoted to the promotion of an inclusive society and the achievements were remarkable. However, it will be a long journey. We urge our friends and colleagues who share the same aspirations to carry on.

Not only had Rex been an amazing work partner in the social welfare, transport and tourism sectors, but he was also friends of many. He will always remain in our hearts.

We are very much saddened by the loss of Rex and wish to express our deepest condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Benny Cheung
Chairperson, HKSR
4 February 2021