Our Services

Accessible Transport and Travel

To look after the transportation and travel needs of persons with disabilities or elderly, we strive to advocate for barrier-free transportation policies as well as the service concept of “Accessible Travel for All”, so as to enable our service users to easily access to and fro hospitals, workplaces, schools, socio-recreational activities and even to travel overseas. Since 1978, HKSR successively founded “Rehabus”, “Easy-Access Transport Services Ltd.”, “Easy-Access Travel Ltd.” And “Accessible Hire Car”, to provide corresponding transportation services to cover the various needs of our service users.

To provide the quality residential care services to the elderly and people with rehabilitation needs through “holistic care” and “person-centered care.”

Community rehabilitation

Life adjustment and caring are some of the many problems faced by persons with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses and older people. Our Community and Day Care Service aims to facilitate community integration and to enhance their the quality of life.

Social Enterprise

The goals of The HKSR to establish social enterprises are to provide the chance for persons with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses to make use of their abilities to serve the community, and at the same time, to set up a training platform to help them gain the confidence to return to open employment markets.

Services in China

HKSR is devoted to promoting rehabilitation services development in Mainland China. We have also set up Yee Hong Heights at Yantian, Shenzhen to provide elderly and rehabilitation services.


Upholding the motto of “Research for better understanding; advocacy for greater social change”, Centre on Research and Advocacy co-creates with stakeholders from different sectors including persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses, elderly, patient self help groups and community groups for a more  inclusive and healthy society.

In support of the District Health Centre (DHC) initiative championed by the Health Bureau, the Society operated “DHC Express” in Central & Western, Eastern and Shatin. The three centres commenced operation in the end of October 2021.


HKSR will continue to strive for service excellence through developing new services and programmes that can help achieve our mission and goal of helping people with disabilities live a fulfilling life. At the same time, we will work to address the evolving needs of our service targets.