About Residential Services

To provide the quality residential care services to the elderly and people with rehabilitation needs through “holistic care” and “person-centered care.”

Introduction to Services

Rationale of our residential services:      

  1. Person-centred Care – to offer full information whenever feasible to elderly and/or person with disabilities residing in our homes for their reference in decision making; to ensure our residents’ wishes are well respected and that they can participate in the process of service design and implementation of the homes so as to secure their living dignity.
  2. Holistic Care – to care for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of elderly and/or person with disabilities as well as their carers; to respect the unique personal needs of every resident, so as to offer diversified and flexible services.
  3. Innovative mind – to offer innovative and up-to-date quality residential care services to meet the ever-changing service needs.
  4. Collaborating Strategies – to collaborate with different stakeholders including government, enterprises and NGOs, so as to seek for the most beneficial services for our service users.

Core Services

  • Tsang Shiu Tim Home for the Elderly

    Upholding the service values of “Person-centred” and “Holistic Care”, Tsang Shiu Tim Home for the Elderly provides an all-round quality residential, continuum of care and rehabilitation services.

  • HKJC Yee Hong Height

    HKJC Yee Hong Height is a non-profit making elderly home that integrates the concepts of Care and Attention, and integration of Western and Chinese Medicine and health and wellness ideologies. It aims at serving the elderly from both Hong Kong and Mainland China.