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“Rehab Volunteers” was established in 1983. All our volunteers come from different walks of life and are enthusiastic to contribute their valuable time and effort to serve others. They aim to serve people with disabilities, people with chronic illnesses and the elderly.

There is no limit in age, profession or sector requirement for joining our volunteer services. We welcome everyone to become our “Rehab Volunteers”.

Types of Services

The services of  “Rehab Volunteers” are all-rounded and diversified, which include:

  1. Clerical support – to assist in regular promotion and services.
  2. Escorting – accompany service users to participate in social recreational activities.
  3. Personal Care assistance – regular visit to the elderly to bring them joy and care.
  4. Event assistance – help with fundraising activities to finance our rehabilitation services.
  5. Educational services – help spread the message of social inclusion, illness prevention and patient empowerment by joining hands in our projects.
  6. Training and coaching – Professionals in physiotherapy and health care are highly encouraged to share their knowledge and skills.

Corporate Partnership

Fulfill your corporate social responsibility, and by joining hands we can build a compassionate society.

Apart from our individual volunteers, we are grateful to have corporations mobilize their staff and family members to volunteer at HKSR. This is a prime opportunity for corporate volunteer teams not only to serve and understand our service users but also to strengthen team spirit through uniting for a valuable cause.

As a token of our appreciation, participating companies and organizations will be nominated as a “Caring Company & Caring Organization” by HKSR.

If your company or organization is interested in collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us at 2534 3352 / email:

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Words from Volunteers


Our volunteer program is not only for patients, but also for caretakers as well.

Our Recreational Routes volunteers enjoy spending the day with people with disabilities.Corporate volunteer teams always play an important role to us.

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For you, going out for activities such as traveling, shopping or even yumcha may be a piece of cake, but for wheelchair user those are hard-earned entertainment.

For every weekend, our “Recreational Routes” Volunteer Team will accompany our service users and their carers to spend the day outdoor.

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A team of corporate volunteers bringing joy to elderly

No matter the scale of service, even a simple greeting can bring warmth to the older persons; and a short visit can bring tremendous joy to them. The sharing of the corporate volunteer team of Chow Tai Fook (Shenzhen) Limited can be found as follows.

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