The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (hereunder as ‘HKSR’) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing services to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities, chronic illnesses or challenges of aging, and to advocate for their equal opportunities in the social, civic and economic arena. We are looking for high caliber candidates to work with us.

HKSR is an equal opportunities employer. We value the diversity of individuals, ideas, perspectives, insights and values, and what they bring to the workplace. Applications from all qualified candidates are welcome.

Interested parties please send your full resume with reference code, present and expected salary to or send to Human Resources Department, Room B102, 1/F, HKSR Lam Tin Complex, 7 Rehab Path, Lam Tin, Kowloon.

All personal information collected will be kept confidential and used for recruitment purposes only. All applications will be destroyed after the recruitment exercise.

2017-18 Family Friendly 家庭友善僱主
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Good MPF Award 積金好僱主

Job Vacancy

HKSR Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation Hub – Service Manager cum Superintendent (Short Stay Home) (Ref: M_GRH_OCT21)
HKSR Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation Hub – Administration Manager (Ref: DM_GRH_OCT21)
HKSR Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation Hub – Executive Officer (Ref: EO_GRH_OCT21)
HKSR Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation Hub – Physiotherapist I (team leader) (Ref: PT1_GRH_OCT21)
Cheng Tak Yim Day Rehabilitation and Care Centre – Therapist (Ref: THERAPIST_CTY_OCT21)
Community Rehabilitation Network – Centre Manager (Ref: M_CRN-LCU_OCT21)
Community Rehabilitation Network – Social Worker 1 (Ref: SW1_CRN-TH_AUG21)
Rehabilitation Division – Senior Manager (Rehabilitation) (Ref: SM(R)_RD_OCT21)
Headquarter – T&D Project Manager (6-month) (Ref: PM(T&D)_HQ_OCT21)
Headquarter – Officer (Administration) (Ref: O(ADM)_HQ_21)
Headquarter – Senior Officer (Procurement) (Ref: SO(PCM)_HQ_21)
Headquarter – Assistant Officer (Human Resources) (Ref: AO(HR)_HQ_SEP21)
Headquarter – Human Resources Assistant (Ref: HRA_HQ_AUG21)
Headquarter – Assistant Officer (Communication & Resource Development) (Part-time) (Ref: AO(CRD)_HQ_SEP21)
Headquarter – Senior Officer/Officer (Centre on Research and Advocacy) (Ref: SO(CRA)_HQ_SEP21)
Headquarter – Officer (Technical) (Ref: O(T)_HQ_21)
Headquarter – Senior Officer (Digital Technologies) (Ref: SO(DT)_HQ_21)
Headquarter – Officer (Digital Technologies) (Ref: O(DT)_HQ_21)
Headquarter – Finance Manager (Ref: M(FIN)_HQ_21)
DHC Express – Accounting Clerk (Finance) (Ref: CLK(AC)_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Care Coordinator (Ref: CC_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Social Worker II/I (Ref: SW_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Physiotherapist I/II (Ref: PT_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Program Worker (Ref: PGW_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Health Promoter (Ref: HP_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Administrative Assistant (Ref:AA_DHCE_21)
DHC Express – Pharmacist (0.5 post) (Ref: PHM_DHCE_21)
Rehabus – Project Manager (ICOMS) (Ref: PM(ICOMS)_RB_OCT21)
Rehabus – Officer (Operations Support) (Ref: O(OS)_RB_OCT21)
Rehabus – IT Officer (Project & Support) (Ref: ITO(P&S)_RB_2122)

*For more job-vacancy, please refer to the Chinese version.

社區復康網絡 – 科技支援助理 (新界西) (Ref: DPA_CRN-TH_OCT21)
社區復康網絡 – 科技支援助理 (樂富橫頭磡) (Ref: DPA_CRN-WTH_OCT21)
適健中心 – 物理治療助理 (Ref: CLNAST_CHW_SEP21)
適健中心 – 治療池助理(兼職) (Ref: POA_CHW_2122)
適健中心 – 一般事務助理(全/兼職) (Ref: GSA_CHW_2122)
職業復康及再培訓中心 – 工作導師(兼職)(Ref: IST_VRRC_OCT21)
職業復康及再培訓中心 – 活動助理(半職) (Ref: PGA_VRRC_SEP21)
職業復康及再培訓中心 – 主任(培訓及就業)(Ref: O(T&P)_VRRC_SEP21)
地區康健站 – 一般事務助理 (Ref: GSA_DHCE_21)
地區康健站 – 健康推廣員 (Ref: HP_DHCE_21)
曾肇添護老院及利國偉日間復康護理中心 – 廚師 (Ref: CHEF_TST&LQW_SEP21)
曾肇添護老院及利國偉日間復康護理中心 – 科技支援助理 (Ref: DPA _TST&LQW_2122)
曾肇添護老院及利國偉日間復康護理中心 – 登記護士 (夜更) (Ref: EN_TST&LQW_2122)
曾肇添護老院及利國偉日間復康護理中心 – 保健員 (Ref: HW_TST&LQW_2122)
曾肇添護老院及利國偉日間復康護理中心 – 起居照顧員 (Ref: PCW_TST&LQW_2122)
曾肇添護老院及利國偉日間復康護理中心 – 一般事務助理 (Ref: GSA_TST&LQW_2122)
華康便利店營康薈 – 店鋪助理(兼職) (Ref: SA_WHCS_2122)
易達旅運 – 高級車長/車長/接載護理員 (編號Ref : SCAP/CAP/ATD_EATT)
易達旅運 – 專線車長 / 專線車長 (兼職) / 接載護理員 / 接載護理員 (兼職) (Ref: FCAP / ATD _EATT)
易達旅運 – 全職客戶服務助理 (臨時) (Ref: CSA_EATT_OCT21)
復康巴士 – 臨時文員 (Ref: CLK_PT_RB_AUG21)
復康巴士 – 客戶服務助理 (臨時) (Ref: CSA(TEMP)_RB_OCT21)
復康巴士 – 車長 (Ref: CAP_RB)