Introduction to Centre on Research and Advocacy

In April, 2012, Centre on Research and Advocacy (CRA) was established for the coordination and development of research and advocacy work of HKSR.

Upholding the motto of “Research for better understanding; advocacy for greater social change”, CRA co-creates with stakeholders from different sectors including persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses, elderly, patient self help groups and community groups for a more  inclusive and healthy society.

CRA’s scope of research and advocacy cover issues related to employment, accessible transport, medical and rehabilitation services  of persons with disabilities and the elderly.

User’s Stories

Ms Kwong Photo

Emily took her first step in advocacy – “speaking up to let the voice of people with disabilities being heard by the Government can not only help myself but also my fellow friends with disabilities.”

Collaboration Parties

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service – Policy Research and Advocacy

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