Monthly Donation

Rehabilitation is like a long-term battle as it requires much assistance from rehab professionals and ancillary equipment. To maximise therapeutic efficacy and encourage persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses to integrate into society, we offer one-stop rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities or with chronic illnesses with financial hardships. Our services, ranging from community and day care rehabilitation, management of chronic illnesses, supported employment, community support in rehabilitation, accessible transport and travel and elderly home services, allow persons with rehabilitation needs to re-integrate into society.

Your monthly donation means a lot to us as it will allow us to operate stably and sustainably, meaning that our service users will not miss out any opportunity to fully recover because of shortage of resources.

$8 per day ($240 per month)

allows 12 stroke survivors to complete a 16-session personalised stroke rehabilitation programme led by occupational therapists.

$12 per day ($360 per month)

allows 4 sciatic persons to attend 6 sessions of hydrotherapy.

$16 per day ($480 per month)

allows 1 person with dementia to receive a 13-session speech therapy training programme.