Introducing Gerontechnology in the Community –
The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation

An interactive community simulation space set for the Hub’s services users to simulate community life through virtual reality.

Over 100 rehabilitation equipment can be found at the The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation Hub

The Hub’s open kitchen. The simulation of home environment will improve the independent living skills of people with dementia.

Following years of planning and preparation, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Jockey Club Geriatric Rejuvenation Hub (The Hub) commenced service in early January 2022.

Apart from providing residential and day care services for people with dementia to foster independent living, The Hub also supports middle-aged and young elderly suffering from stroke and bone-related illnesses with rehabilitation services, ranging from (1) short-stay accommodation, (2) intensive day rehabilitation and (3) home-and-community-based combined support. With over a hundred rehabilitation equipment, including some cutting-edge gear, the interdisciplinary team of the Hub will also devise appropriate therapeutic rehabilitation plans that cater for the needs of users, helping them re-integrate into community and living a more fulfilling life. 

In the face of an ageing population and a trend of an early onset of chronic illnesses, the aim of rehabilitation is not only to foster restoration of body functions, but also to help people with rehabilitation needs re-integrate into society. In light of this, independent living skills in rehabilitation service have become indispensable. To help our users get used to independent living as early as possible, elements simulating home setting have been introduced to the facilities of the Hub, which cater for their daily needs. For instance, bedrooms, bathtubs, showering spaces and kitchens are set up at the Hub for service users to fully simulate the daily activities in a home-based environment.

The Hub also provides the users with an opportunity to participate in an interactive community simulation activity. With the company of our therapists, the users will simulate various kinds of real-world situations through a virtual reality system, such as riding an elevator and searching for an occupied table in a restaurant. This experience will boost the self-confidence of the users when they live an independent community life after completing all the services.