Powering up for Primary Care –
Three District Health Centre Expresses opened

The opening of the DHCE in Eastern District

The opening ceremony of the DHCE in Shatin District

Our staff introducing tips on healthy eating to a service user

DHCE’s resistance training classes help trainees learn to strengthen their muscles with their own body weight and with equipment, reducing loss of muscles and fatigue.

The three “District Health Centre Expresses” (DHCE) operated by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation in Central & Western District, Eastern District and Shatin District commenced service in October 2021.

“District Health Centre Express” is the hub for the Government and the social welfare sector to collectively propel primary healthcare service by connecting different stakeholders and to strengthen “medical-social collaboration”. For instance, both social welfare organisations and family doctors could provide people identified with health risks in the community with health information, which can help the public acquire the appropriate resources in the community.

The Society’s Vice President Professor CHAN Lai-wan Cecilia, CEO Dr LEUNG Pui-yu Pamela, along with Ms LI Ivy, who benefited from the hydrotherapay service provided by the Society’s Centre on Health and Wellness, were interviewed by Our Hong Kong Foundation, during which they shared their views on the importance of primary healthcare in Hong Kong’s sustainable development and their visions on primary healthcare.

Learn more about the services provided by the three District Health Centre Express locations: