A Special Career Path:

Occupational Therapist in community rehabilitation project in Mainland

“I never thought of having such a special career path before working in the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR).”

Huiqing, an occupational therapist under the community rehabilitation project of HKSR in Qinghai Province, China, has worked in HKSR since she graduated. She is responsible for training local rehabilitation institutions and establishing the connections between hospitals and community in order to provide suitable rehabilitation service for persons with disabilities.

She recalled the excitement and nervousness during her early stage of work. “I had a lot of questions at that time: What is community rehabilitation? What can I do? What should I do? Having these questions in my mind, I worked and learnt through exploration. I waded across the stream by feeling the way.” Being a member in the project executive team in Mainland is not only a job, but also a process of allaying doubts.

Huiqing is glad that she met brilliant teachers during her work in HKSR which not only improved her English, but also reinforced her skills in children occupational therapy into practice. Furthermore, the experience in HKSR strengthened her application ability on clinical occupational therapy. “Apart from enhancing my professionalism from different teachers, I also have deeper insight on project management: sufficient preparation, timely contingency plan and collaborative reflection.”

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