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Zhao Dashuang & Zhao Xiaoshuang “Improvement & Hope shine the long way in Rehabilitation”

China and International service photo

From Jinzhai in Anhui Province, the pair of twins Zhao Dashuang (older brother) & Xiaoshuang (younger brother) are both sufferers of cerebral palsy. They live in rural area in China and had never received any rehabilitation training. They were confined to their beds day after day. They started receiving our training service since 2011. Dashuang has learnt how to stand with walking aid and can sit in better posture after his wheelchair modification.

His mother can now go out easily with Dashuang using a wheelchair. Nowadays Xiaoshuang studies in a mainstream school and goes to school every day hand in hand with his mother and grandmother. Xiaoshuang enjoys learning and playing with his schoolmates very much. Mrs. Zhao is pleased to see their every bit of improvement. (Photo by PH Yang

Hingsang “The process of rehabilitation brings great changes. It’s encouraging!”

Rehabilitation training photo

Having a stroke in May 2013, Hingsang joined the HKSR Stroke Rehabilitation Programme. Hingsang could only walk with the assistance of a physiotherapist at the beginning but in nearly two years’ time, he could take a bus on his own to the Lam Tin Centre of HKSR, leaving home in Hung Hom for rehabilitation training. “The process of rehabilitation brings great changes. It’s encouraging!”

Recovery from stroke may vary from person to person. However, with family support, responsive rehabilitation and training, our service users could conquer stroke, resume their fulfilling lives, and make lives shine and become beautiful once more.

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