Applause for People of All Abilities!

Do you know our 6 disabled friends?

Our mascots symbolize People with Differences, representing that each person is unique, with different talents and strengths, and also has different limitations…

I met a sunny boy named Samson from the Community Rehabilitation Network many years ago. He suffers from congenital and incurable spina bifida, and needs to be wheelchair-bound for life. Along the way, Samson not only went in and out of the hospital frequently, but also encountered many obstacles on the way of his study. Fortunately, he finally found a school that was willing to open its arms, so that he could have a campus life and continue his study. Samson’s illness hindered his body, but it couldn’t stop him from being lively, cheerful, feeling the friendship and happiness among his peers, and it couldn’t hinder his vision. He always had his own passion and dreams when he was growing up. From interacting with Samson and his family I was deeply moved by the power of love and integration, and the limitless possibilities of human beings.

Samson is one of the friends with different abilities, and there are still many others in our society. With appropriate help and support they can live out their self with great achievements. I believe that the positive energy they exude can also help the friends around them, and to inspire the society.

This year, we are happy to hold the “Walkers for the Disabled 2021” despite the epidemic. Nearly 250 friends who participated in the event experienced and learned more about the needs of people with different abilities and the importance of accessibility in the community. I am here to thank you all again!

Dr. Pamela Leung – CEO