Dial-a-Ride Service

Rehabus Dial-a-Ride Service (DAR), by adopting the public transport concept, provides point-to-point special transport service for eligible persons with disabilities (PWDs) who hold the Hong Kong Identity Cards and have difficulties in using public transport to receive medical treatment, to work, to attend schools/training institutions and to participate in social, recreational and leisure activities. PWDs who are in need of DAR service should be registered as users first.

Due to legal restriction, rehabuses can only run on legal roads and let passengers board or alight in restricted areas permitted by Transport Department, or at a place closest to the destination. Our captains will try their best to assist passengers to board and alight and use all the safety devices on the vehicle. However, escort service for going up or down stairs will not be provided.

Notes for Application

Registration is normally a one-off matter. There are 2 types of DAR users:

    • Individual User: call our service hotline at 2817-8154 for registration. Office hours of the hotline are 09:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:30 on Monday to Friday, and 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday. Calls during non-office hours will be connected to paging service centre. Users may leave the names, contact numbers and messages and we will return calls during office hours. Relatives or other representatives can also make registration on their behalf. Names and HKID card numbers of the PWDs should be provided at the time of registration and an Account Number will be given to each newly registered user.
      [Enhancement of registration mechanism will be announced later: e.g. submission of a copy of “Registration Card for People with Disabilities” by PWD with permanent lower limb mobility disabilities, or submission of an “Application Form for Registration” signed by recognized professionals.]

To ensure effective use of resources and serve more users in need of the government-subsidized Rehabus service, service will be arranged based on the number of passengers provided at the time of booking for each booking by the rules for “4 or less passengers (Small Group)” or “5 or more passengers (Large Group)”. Users should read the following documents carefully: