Rules for Passengers

For the safety and comfort of yourself and other passengers, please observe the following rules:

A. Safety

  1. Do not board the vehicle if the number of passengers / wheelchairs onboard has already reached its maximum licensed capacity;
  2. Follow driver instructions and use the designated access as specified by the driver for boarding or alighting. Any attempt to operate the power lifter is prohibited;
  3. Unless with special reason, please take the seat according to the driver’s arrangement. Please fasten the seat-belt when seated;
  4. Wheelchair passengers must be secured by wheelchair tie-down system inside the vehicle;
  5. Do not speak to the driver when the vehicle is in motion, except in emergency (such as conducting sputum suction on vehicle);
  6. Do not stand or move about inside the compartment or stretch any part of the body outside the vehicle;
  7. Do not leave your seat before the vehicle has come to complete stop. Wheelchair passengers should not unfasten the seat-belt nor wheelchair tie-down by yourself even after the vehicle has stopped;
  8. Any child under 3 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above when using Rehabus service;
  9. Any child aged 3 or above must sit on a seat or a wheelchair secured on board by the driver. Any passenger, if under special circumstances, needs to be exempted from wearing the seat-belt and/or to be held by an adult, must provide relevant document issued by registered doctor or occupational therapist;
  10. Do not bring items of a total volume exceeding one-tenth cubic meter except wheelchairs and mobility aids, or hazardous items on board;
  11. Owing to legal requirement, Rehabus cannot store more than 2 cylinders of compressed oxygen or its aggregate exceeding 10 litres. Passengers who bring compressed oxygen on board must provide both information on quantity and volume of compressed oxygen cylinder during service application.

B. Hygiene

  1. Maintain good personal hygiene. Cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Passengers with symptoms of respiratory infection or fever should wear a surgical mask. Do not get on Rehabus when passengers have highly contagious infection;
  2. Keep clean. Do not eat, drink, smoke, spit or litter on board. Do not bring items that will stain the vehicle on board;
  3. Do not bring items with strong smell (e.g. durian, stinky tofu), poultry and animals on board (except guide dog) (Attention: do not disturb, fondle, feed or shout at guide dog on board. For passenger allergic to dogs, please seek the driver’s help for appropriate seat arrangement).

C. Comfort / Convenience

  1. Please arrive at the designated pick-up point at least 5 minutes earlier. Late passengers on Scheduled Route Service will not be entertained so as not to delay the schedule;
  2. Do not disturb other passengers;
  3. Please make your own arrangement for physical transfer between passenger’s wheelchair and seat on board. Our driver will render assistance only within his/her capability;
  4. Able-bodied persons can use Rehabus service in the capacity of “escort” to attend to the special needs of PWDs. Rehabus reserves the rights to request for escorts depending on the conditions of passengers.

D. Others

  1. The journey may be delayed due to the actual traffic conditions or other factors. Please call the contact number of the assigned driver as provided by Rehabus staff for information on the latest situation;
  2. Any person on board the vehicle occupying a seat (including a wheelchair space) or aged 3 or above will be counted as one passenger in calculation of fares.

Our Society reserves the right not to provide service to any passenger who violates the above rules without legitimate reasons or continues even after the advice of our driver or our Society.