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Enhancement of Rehabilitation Training in Mainland China

corporate_intcnOur International & China Division has been proactively participated in rehabilitation trainings, including post disaster rehabilitation services in Mainland China. Thanks to the tremendous support from different sponsors and donors, we are able to provide localized and sustainable services.

The target beneficiaries have extended from earthquake victims to persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the local communities. The services, which include network building, public education, mutual help groups, professional rehabilitation and social work services, etc. have also been broadened to different areas in the disaster province.

In times, the Division publishes series of educational materials on rehabilitation skills, hence sponsorship is highly appreciated for the facilitation of such publications.

Encourage People with Disability to Go out with Ease

corporate_ahc_get_on_bus_2Generous sponsorship is most welcomed to subsidize people with disabilities to use HKSR accessible transport services for meeting their transport needs, such as attending medical appointments or participating in social activities. Such a subsidy will facilitate service users to better integrate into the community, thereby contributing to the building of an inclusive and caring society.

Improvement Works to Help Our Elderly Residents Live Better

corporate_d05b_tst_曾肇添護老院員工細心照顧院友起生活和復康護理_03From energy-saving to facilities addition, from home renovation to personalised design, we are eager to seek various collaborations to with potential partners to bring a safe, comfortable and cheerful home for the elderly which suits the individual resident’s health condition and preferences.

The change not only helps improve the residents’ self-care capability, but more importantly, it also enhances the skill of frontline staff on serving the residents.

Octopus corporate logo

Octopus Cards Limited

Sponsor of the Octopus Rehabilitation Transportation Subsidy Scheme (ORTSS)

The Octopus Rehabilitation Transportation Subsidy Scheme (ORTSS) sets an important milestone in the company’s corporate social responsibility commitments. “The Octopus system started as an electronic payment means for public transportation back in 1997, as our core business to offer Hong Kong people greater convenience and ease in travelling. In the same spirit, today we are extending this benefit to people in wheelchairs, by fully utilizing the available capacity and resources of the Accessible Hire Car (AHC) fleet.”

“The ORTSS will help fill the unmet needs among the wheelchair-bound community for accessible transportation on an almost complimentary basis. It will also alleviate the foreseeable growing demand for accessible transportation, as the local population continues to age and more elderly will be using wheelchairs for their daily commutes, we are also very pleased to have the opportunity of working together with the HKSR in helping raise public awareness of equal opportunity for all in transportation service, and building an inclusive and harmonious society.”

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Co-organizer of the CyberRun for Rehab

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) is committed to driving the sustainable development of the society and is taking on an active role in promoting positive social enhancement. As an effort to fulfil corporate social responsibility, Cyberport is delighted and honoured to be able to co-organize CyberRun with The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation throughout the years.

CyberRun has been raising awareness to the public about the needs of the minorities in the community and promoting sports as a means of social inclusion, while raising funds to drive significant rehabilitation work for the people with disabilities. Over the past years, CyberRun has grown to become one of the most successful charity events since its pilot and Cyberport is thrilled to see how CyberRun has successfully driven many people to lead healthier lives. With the staunch support from many enthusiastic corporations, including Cyberport’s tenants and their staffs, the event has proven to be a remarkable success every year, and we are glad to see many families and friends gathering together in Cyberport to participate in the event.

CLP_logo 中電

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Sponsor of our International & China Division

In 2016, CLP sponsored International and China Division on a one year project of “Improving the Lives of Children with Disabilities in Orphanages in Mainland China”, which aims to improve the service skills and quality of therapists and carers. Bazhong Children Welfare Institute in Sichuan and Anshun Children Welfare Institute in Guizhou are the beneficiary of the project, here is the trainee’s sharing:

“Four-year-old Long Cheng suffers from severe congenital heart disease and severe neuromuscular disorder. He has to be fed and has problems with basic bodily functions; but now with our guidance, he can manage to eat his meals largely unaided,” said care worker Ke Chunrong.

“Through the workshops, we learn to observe and be aware of the children’s body posture, as well as how to plan group activities for them. All these skills are useful at work,” she said. “The training enables us to better serve the children, and improve our management and planning skills. More importantly, we now know our children better and are able to provide them with better care.”

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Partner of the Barrier Busters

SynCab has sponsored the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation’s CyberRun for Rehab since 2015. In 2018, It became our Barrier Busters event partner. The Barrier Busters event has aroused the public’s awareness of the importance of a barrier free community, through exhibition and community experience.  SynCab set a booth on the event day and participated in the event promotional video.  Read more