“Together We Shall Overcome”

 With the support from The Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, The Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation kickstarted a 6-month programme namely “Together We Shall Overcome”. The programme aims to share love and care with chronic disease patients amidst the pandemic.


Our target service user:

Category 1: Chronic disease patients and their carers who are confirmed COVID-19.

Category 2: Home bound chronic disease patients and their carers who lack computer knowledge, or those who have been home-quarantined.

Category 3: All chronic disease patients and their carers.


Our services included:

  1. Donation of anti-epidemic materials (limited to Category 1 and 2 service users).
  2. Assistance and support with the online declaration of positive testing results, a download of vaccine passes, etc.
  3. Arrangement of accessible transportation for the follow-up consultation.
  4. Emotional support.


A dedicated hotline has commenced services. Call us at 5565 0921 / 5565 1540 to share your feelings and problems.