Sky feels thankful to Gia, his drama tutor, for cultivating his interest in drama.

Sky 於活動上化身「輪椅聖誕老人」 Sky dressed up as Santa Claus in an event

Sky dressed up as Santa Claus in a recent activity of Octopus Rehabilitation Transportation Subsidy Scheme and helped promote service extension of the scheme. 

Accessible travel brings more fun to the lives of wheelchair users

Wheelchair users seem to be bounded on their wheelchairs, but in fact, they want to explore the world and even travel to farther places through the two wheels.

Sky, who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when he was 10, has been on a wheelchair for over 20 years. Sky usually takes the MTR when he goes out, but the service disruption of the lifts in MTR stations sometimes distorts his plans, and he thus needs to get off at another station. Meanwhile, he seldom goes out by bus because he finds it difficult to estimate the waiting and travelling time.

Although it takes time in transportation, his enthusiasm and interest in drama remain unchanged. Through the subsidy from “Octopus Rehabilitation Transportation Subsidy Scheme”, he can take the Accessible Hire Car (AHC) for medical appointments. He can also use the AHC for drama rehearsal which saves half of the time to travel from his home in Tseung Kwan O to Shek Kip Mei for drama rehearsal. Besides, he can book the AHC and hang out with his family in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Accessible travel encourages wheelchair users to go out and makes good use of their time for hobbies and interests for social inclusion as others do. Sky could now participate in volunteering activities and encourage his peers to treasure the opportunities for enriching lives.

In this warm and joyful Christmas season, Sky made and sent a gift to Gia, his drama tutor. Let’s watch the video and discover how Gia sees Sky! (Video in Chinese only)