Community Rehabilitation Network: Weight Lost, as Health Is in My Hands

To tackle the health conditions of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and marginal diabetes, Sukyee joined a weight management programme in 2012. Despite her diet,  daily exercise of 30-minute each including aerobic, walk and Taichi, her weight still increased to 68.3 kg by the end of 2014.

Later, Sukyee enrolled for the weight management course again. This time she attempted through nutrition. She had given up her favourite fried noodles and ice cream. She replaced beef noodles with fish ball noodles, cream buns with wheat bread and oatmeal, and tea with lemon water. Still, Sukyee went to tea house with her friends, but she no longer ordered beef balls but had chosen beef rice rolls and congee instead. Her home cooking was also less oily, salty and sugary then before, that she had given up the dish of “steamed pork belly with salted shrimps”, and boiled vegetables instead of stir-frying them. In 2015, she had successfully reduced her weight to 61.4 kg.

Concluding her success, Sukyee contributed her dream come true – for weight management and better blood sugar level control – to her implementation of the content learnt from the weight management course to daily life, that she was more careful in her diet as well as keeping a habit of exercising.