Mingyi – Patient with Mild Stroke

“Stop! See things around you from different perspectives”

Having stroked, although Minyi mobility was not affected, she often felt dizzy and tired and had lost much of her strength. Not only her emotion deteriorated, her social life also narrowed. She attempted different ways to lift her mood but in vain. Invited by our Centre’s social worker, she participated in the “Beautiful Life Change in 72 Ways” group where she learnt magic, balloon twisting and clown performance. Mingyi used to see things simply and at their face values which hence influenced her mood. However, upon completion of the programme, she recognized that she needs to see things from different points of view. Now she will ask herself to take a pause, and to view people and matters from another angle. Furthermore, she now learnt to clarify her own thoughts as well as others through communication. By such her self-confidence has strengthened and her heart lightened.

Now she is actively involved in volunteering and set up a “Happy Volunteer Team” with other volunteers. She continues using magic, balloon twisting and clown performance to spread the joy and positive energy to people in need!