Our Community Rehabilitation Network (CRN) was launched to facilitate persons with chronic illnesses in managing the challenges therewith, aiming at strengthening their ability to manage their own illnesses and facilitating the development of mutual aid and self-help among themselves. Participants will learn the knowledge and skills to improve their self-efficacy in order to build up a healthy life style.

Our Services

Community Rehabilitation Network (CRN) aims at:

  1. Providing community-based rehabilitation services for the holistic well-being of persons with chronic illnesses and their families.
  2. Pioneering the “Self-Management Programme” to enhance the ability of disease management, problem-solving and health promotion for persons with chronic illnesses and their families.
  3. Promoting self-help and mutual-help among persons with chronic illnesses and providing professional support to patient groups.
  4. Providing training for healthcare professionals and educators in the effective use of self-management model.

Our professional team members of CRN include registered social workers, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Also, the professional team is supported by a volunteer team of physicians, nutritionists, pharmacists, clinical psychologists and specialists from academia.

Our services include:

To provide talks, workshops and courses to strengthen the participants’ self-management abilities and to allow them to cope with the psychosocial stress and to build up mutual support from their peers.

To support the carers of the persons with chronic illnesses and help relieve their stress.

To support self-help organizations and mutual aid groups in promoting mutual support among their members, to raise the social awareness of their diseases and to advocate for patients’ rights in society.

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