Arong – Patient with Chronic Pain

“Slow down the pace of life, and appreciate the surroundings.”

A traffic accident in the early years had caused the cervical displacement of Arong and he suffered from chronic pain ever since, of which the illness had affected both his work and physical condition. Over time his social circle shrank and his confidence diminished.

Initially he joined “Shadows Lighting My Heart” group just to learn photography skills and to develop a new interest with the mentally that there is no harm trying. Yet, it turned out that he gained a lot throughout the process. In the past he had to withstand much work pressure and his pace of life was rapid, that there were ups and downs with his emotions.

Photography requires patience to capture the right scene and composition, which let him realize that he need to learn to slow down his pace of life. Only by which he can feel the surroundings better. When he was willing to slow down the pace of life, he found that his body in the frequency and intensity of pain had also reduced. Now, he would carefully add explanatory notes to photos, allowing the audience to understand the messages within more easily.

Only by capturing the scene with heart, and enjoy the process of photography, that you will find that photography not only gives people a picture, but its process can also regulate the photographer’s mood, making persons with illnesses live a life more confidently.