Three “DHC Express” Locations Launched to Provide Prevention-oriented Healthcare Services


The Society was recently awarded “DHC Express” service contracts in 3 districts, namely Central & Western, Eastern and Shatin, by the Food and Health Bureau. We also received the highest number of “DHC Express” contracts. The three centres commenced operation in the end of October 2021.

“DHC Express” will provide prevention-oriented healthcare services, ranging from health promotion and education, health risk factor assessments and screening and chronic illness management. We hope to take this opportunity to promote community-based health management services and foster medical-social collaboration and private-public partnership. By strengthening the network of different primary healthcare service providers in the community, the public can gain access more easily to coherent and holistic healthcare, health management and social services.

As one of the largest local charitable organisations serving people with chronic illnesses, in addition to providing chronic illness management service, we are also dedicated to promote preventive healthcare service. We encourage the public to maintain a healthy lifestyle and participate in health risk assessments to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and lipid levels, or alleviate suboptimal health status, such as sleeping disorders and chronic pain. We firmly believe that the three “DHC Express” locations can deepen the understanding of preventive healthcare among the general public, and to shift the emphasis of the present healthcare system and mindset from treatment-focused to prevention-oriented, with a view of laying a foundation for a prevention-focused primary healthcare system.

What is Primary Healthcare?

There are three levels of prevention in primary health care. Primary prevention, the first level, includes health promotion and education. It will enhance the awareness of self-care healthy living and disease prevention in the community.

Secondary Prevention, the second level, is to encourage people in need to facilitate early identification of health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension, by health risk factor assessments and screening, which will lead to follow-up measures and treatments.

Tertiary prevention, the third level, includes chronic illness management. We aim to help people with diabetes and hypertension gain better control over the illnesses, as well as people with musculoskeletal disorders to slow down progression of illnesses and frailty.