Carers Support Services

Introduction to Carers Support Services

Carers can be exhausted from taking care of their own work and at the same time the person with chronic illness at home. The busy work schedule can add to the fatigue and stress of the carer.

Carers also need to leave room to take care of themselves in order to have the ability to provide better care for their family members. This project provides a series of activities for the carers so that they can relieve their stress induced by daily care duties and be a happy carer.

Service Content

Smartcare Project

This project is funded by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) to provide support for the carers of persons with chronic illnesses who resided in the Hong Kong Eastern District. The Project consolidates the effort from the medical, social welfare, community, commercial sector and schools to provide support for the carers.

The main focus of the project is to promote the concept of “caregiving starts from taking care of yourself”. The services are delivered through carers mutual support groups, volunteer phone calls and home visits, and recreational and cultural activities. The carers can gain the support to relieve their stress and build a mutual support network.


Carers of the persons with chronic illnesses residing in Hong Kong Eastern Districts.

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