Community Rehabitation Services

Introduction to Community Rehabilitation Services

Through talks, workshops, courses and groups, persons with chronic illness and their carers can build up healthy behaviours, formulate positive attitudes and emotions towards their health conditions and to develop mutual support networks with their peers.

Service Content

1. Disease Management

To learn how to manage a healthy diet and  do exercises weekly to strengthen their self-efficacy and maintain a healthy living style.

2. Body Mind Spirit Integration

To facilitate participants in learning the skills to manage the emotions incurred by the chronic diseases. Methods employed include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Satir Self Growth Group, Expressive Art Group, Integrative Body Mind Spirit Group, Life and Death Group.

3. Mutual Aid Group

Persons with the same chronic diseases will be organized to form mutual aid group to support each other.

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Persons with chronic diseases and their carers, especially persons with stroke, diabetes mellitus, cardiac diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ankylosing spondylitis, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, etc.


All persons with chronic diseases and their carers can join as members. The membership fee is HK$30 for 2 years. All members will receive a quarterly CRN Newsletter and can join the activities for a discounted fee. Those who are CSSA users or who would receive our Newsletter electronically through e-mail can have their membership fee waived.

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Volunteer Registration

Patients or the general public are welcome to register as volunteers. Patients can make use of their own experiences at managing their illness and share with peers and support them to work through their hard time. Community volunteers can make use of their strength to serve others.

Services include: Caring call, visit, hospital promotion, mutual-help group, experience sharing, escorting, event helper, and postal service, etc.

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Activity Search and Registration Online

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