Easy-Access Transport Services Ltd (ETS) is one of the subsidiaries of The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. The Elderly Transport Service is a pilot project commissioned by the Hospital Authority and started in September 2001. ETS aims to provide services for elderly aged 60 or over who have mobility difficulties and their carers to attend medical appointments in public hospitals and clinics.

In addition, HA also started a pilot program on 1 March 2017. As a pilot program for provision of transportation services for patients with disabilities/ mobility impediment to attend ambulatory rehabilitation service, the ETS has been extended to young stroke patients aged below 60.


ETS is dedicated to provide service for those with transport needs, especially for elderly with mobility difficulties. ETS provides accessible, safe, comfortable and convenient transport services tailored to the needs of the passengers including attending medical treatment and other activities.


In 2005, ETS successfully attained the ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate. ETS is customer-oriented and strives for continuous improvement of our services.

Latest Information

Compartment Cleaning

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, ETS arranged service provider to conduct the “Nano-Photocatalyst” spraying technology to medically disinfect the compartment regularly. All places (internal & external) of the vehicles were coated with disinfectant spray to improve the hygiene of the compartment and protect the health of passengers.



 ISO 9001 2015

Collaboration Parties

Hospital Authority

Hospital Authority

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