Scope of Service

Pilot program to stroke patients with age below 60

As a pilot program for provision of transportation services for patients with disabilities/ mobility impediment to attend ambulatory rehabilitation service, the ETS has been extended to young stroke patients aged below 60.

ETS will only be provided to the ETS pilot program members and will charge fares for each travel. ETS do not provide the transfer service upstairs to/from home or hospitals/clinics.


How to Apply
Eligibility for Membership
Applicant for membership must meet the following requirements:

                        1. Patient of HA’s hospitals or clinics;
                        2. Age below 60 with young stroke;
                        3. Have mobility difficulties, but can go to waiting point at the roadside with/without the accompany persons assistance to wait for the bus;
                        4. Patient shall be certified by the HA clinical staff* for his/her eligibility on this pilot program

Eligible patient can via the following ways :-

              1. complete the application form and then return the form to us by mail/email/fax or
              2. apply through the RiderWeb/ ecRide App
              3. We will inform to the successful applicant the membership number.
              4. Members can book a service appointment in the coming 60 days on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Application Form

Hotline 2348 0608

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Service Rules

Applicant for membership must meet the following requirements:

                      1. To attend the medical appointment at HA’s hospitals or clinics; and
                      2. Willing to pay for the fare and follow ETS policies and regulations for members and passengers.


                1. Pilot program members have to pay the fare in cash or by Octopus of each single trip when getting onto the bus. No refund would be made on any unused services;
                2. One accompany person will be free of charge for the trip in order to take care of pilot program members using the service;
                3. Due to the limited compartment space and enable us to serve more members, members are required to make advance notification during service reservation if his/her accompany person needs to use wheelchair or walking aids;
                4. HA’s hospitals and clinics are divided into 7 clusters. Each cluster has specific area coverage of the Hong Kong Territories. ETS will charge the fare in accordance with the clusters to which the pick-up and set-down points belong. The details of fare are as follows:
Cluster of Set-down point
Cluster of Pick-up point HK Island East HK Island West Kowloon East Kowloon Central Kowloon West NT East NT West Latau Island
HK Island East HK$15 HK$30 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70
HK Island West HK$30 HK$15 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70
Kowloon East HK$70 HK$70 HK$15 HK$30 HK$30 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70
Kowloon Central HK$70 HK$70 HK$30 HK$15 HK$30 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70
Kowloon West HK$70 HK$70 HK$30 HK$30 HK$15 HK$30 HK$30 HK$15
NT East HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$30 HK$15 HK$30 HK$70
NT West HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$30 HK$30 HK$15 HK$70
Latau Island HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$70 HK$15 HK$70 HK$70 HK$15

Note: The re­-delineation of the cluster boundary between Kowloon Central Cluster (KCC) and Kowloon West Cluster (KWC) with effect from April 1, but the charges will remain unchanged until further notice.(Restructuring including the Kwong Wah Hospital, the Tung Wah Group of hospitals Wong Tai Sin Hospital, our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital and its general out-patient clinics of [Kwong Wah Hospital outpatient clinics, our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital family medicine Clinic, Robert Black general out-patient, Wang Tau Hom Jockey Club general outpatient, Wu York Yu clinic and the Li Po Chun general out-patient clinics] included in the Kowloon Hospital clusters.)