The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation was first commissioned as World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Rehabilitation in 1986.  We are one of six WHO Rehabilitation Centers in the Western Pacific Region. 

About Us


WHO Collaborating Centre for Rehabilitation

Designated as a “WHO Collaborating Centre for Rehabilitation” by the World Health Organization in 1986, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation is one of the six collaborating centres in the Western Pacific Region and the only non-governmental organisation in Hong Kong with such a designation. Re-designated as a “World Health Organization Rehabilitation Collaboration Centre” for the tenth time in August 2020, our four-year term will end in August 2024.

Our Services

Organising regional meetings and seminars 

In collaboration with the World Health Organization, we have organised regional meetings and seminars, inviting not only WHO representatives, but also the representatives from Collaboration Centres in Japan, Mainland China, the Philippines, South Korea and Singapore. To promote the development of rehabilitation services in these countries, knowledge and experiences were exchanged at the meeting.

Organising training courses

In order to enhance wheelchair service provision and  the skills of related personnels, the World Health Organization and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) developed  “Wheelchair Service Training Package (Basic Level)”, a comprehensive guideline, in 2012. The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation has been commissioned to offer courses concerning this training package in Hong Kong. Trainees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Mainland China and Hong Kong have taken our courses. Certified trainers were also invited to teach in Beijing and Laos.


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The key focus of our activities from 2020-2024: 

  1. In accordance with the WHO Western Pacific Regional framework on rehabilitation, we will contribute to the capacity building of health-care workers and carers for elderly services.
  2. We will support WHO’s works to assist countries by engaging communities and sharing knowledge or experiences in strengthening the health systems to better deliver rehabilitation.
  3. In collaboration with the WHO and other WHO collaborating centres in the Western Pacific Region, we will share good practices in implementing “WHO global disability action 2014-2021” and promoting the excellent practices of rehabilitation in health systems.


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