About Us

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation facilitated the establishment of Sichuan Yang Kang Rehabilitation Resource Centre (Yang Kang) in 2013, with the aim to develop local rehabilitation services.

Since its establishment, Yang Kang has worked closely with Sichuan Disabled Persons Federation to advocate service development in the province. Over the years, Yang Kang has not only contributed to capacity building for rehabilitation workforce by providing trainings, but has also provided direct rehabilitation services. HKSR successfully registered a Representative Office in Sichuan in 2017 and has since kept working with Yang Kang to serve people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.


Mutual-help group activities and community education programmes were carried out in counties.


Since 2018, Yang Kang has carried out environmental assessments and modification plans for people with disabilities in order to reduce injuries, enhance their living skills and improve social functioning.

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