The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation has been providing rehabilitation training and promoting rehabilitation services in Mainland China for over 30 years and has trained over 30,000 rehabilitation professionals.

About Us

For the past 30 years, we have trained over 30,000 personnel in Mainland China; and some training certificates are recognized by the Ministry of Health as formal professional qualification training. We have set up a strong network of enthusiastic rehabilitation staff, from all over Mainland China, including least developed areas, and each individual has developed his or her own expertise and multi-sectoral partnerships. Our success has been the ability of these graduates in pioneering, initiating and establishing appropriate and effective rehabilitation services for people with diversified disabilities.

There are 80 million people with disability in Mainland China, and the vast majority live at home, with 80% living in rural areas. The disability consequences for survivors of natural disasters, as well as accidents, coupled with the needs of an aging population and the challenges facing people living with chronic disease, require intensive rehabilitation intervention in the acute stage as well as recovery stage, so as to prevent secondary disabilities and improve functional outcomes. There is still an urgent need to strengthen the rehabilitation programmes, whether in hospitals, child welfare institutes, rehabilitation centres or community organizations.


Through training and education, we aim at:

    1. Building capacity of local workforce, of rehabilitation personnel;
    2. Cultivating local teachers and consultants;
    3. Enhancing inter-disciplinary teamwork;
    4. Promoting Community-based Rehabilitation model and development of inclusive society.