I can do it

Joanne was born with a deformation in her head, hands and feet. Her appearance looks different from others and she cannot walk well and easily falls down. Her doctor once told her that she could never walk or run and that it was not necessary to bother working, as her life will not be long.

At the beginning, it was difficult for Joanne to find a job as most employers felt uncomfortable with her outlook. Joanne once felt very depressed. In 2012, she joined the courses on Desk-top Publishing and Bookkeeping from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Retraining Centre (VRRC) as well as the Supported Employment Services. Through the services of VRRC, she gained the support of staff and other service users. Joanne no longer felt lonely and was empowered to overcome the difficulties on seeking employment.

With the assistance of VRRC, Joanne finally found a part-time job. She is very hardworking and tried to take up three jobs in the same time and also joined the volunteer team of VRRC. She would like to share with other trainees that “Everything is possible with determination”.