Training in Nepal

What’s New

  • Training on swallowing

  • Training on case management

  • CWSN staff, who is one of the trainees benefited from the Train-the-trainer model, teaches the girl with intellectual disability on steps of washing hands during a home visit.

Our training programme in Nepal which co-works with Child Welfare Scheme Nepal (CWSN) in Pokhara started last November with different challenges, including the pandemic of COVID-19, which made it impossible to do onsite training, the instability of internet and the language barrier.

It is glad that the training received positive results. For example, our trainees were able to make a detailed record for their cases and develop an effective training plan for people with autism, trainees were capable of teaching the carers how to feed the children properly.  We were happy to see the improvement of children, for example, 12-year old Ashik with autism could now sit in front of a table and eat with hands or spoon. Before training, he could only lie prone on the carpet and lick the puff rice. We have to thank 3 Nepalese people who live in Hong Kong for helping us interpret in our training.

In the second half of 2021, our training theme will be on cerebral palsy.