What does the Booking Reference Number of Dial-a-Ride Service mean

It is a reference number generated by our computer system. The first 3 English characters “DAR” stand for “Dial-a-Ride Service”, and the digits stand for the booking date and the sequence of bookings inputted by our staff on that day. For example, the Booking Reference Number of “DAR2018-02-08-0001” stands for the first DAR Service booking inputted on 8 February 2018. You may make enquiry or change your booking easily by providing the booking reference number to us.

Cancellation Reference Number of DAR service is also generated by our computer system under the same principle, with the first 4 English characters “CDAR” stand for “Cancel Dial-a-Ride Service”. For example, the Cancellation Reference Number of “CDAR2018-03-24-0007” stands for the seventh DAR booking cancelled on 24 March 2018.

Attention: The Booking Reference Number and the Cancellation Reference Number do not relate to the service date.