Policy on the Use of Video Recording System (the System) Installed on Rehabus

Download Policy on the Use of Video Recording System Installed on Rehabus

1  Objective

Installation of the System is for the purposes of service quality enhancement and incident investigation.

2  Signage

The System-in-operation signs will be prominently displayed on buses fitted with the System.

3  Surveillance Coverage

Bus compartment and the exterior periphery of the bus body are under system surveillance.

4  Code of Practice on Use of Video Records

4.1  Rehabus only permits the retrieval of the video records in limited circumstances:-

(a)  Incident investigation;

(b)  Case investigation by Rehabus’s insurer;

(c)  Crime investigation and crime prevention by the Hong Kong Police and other law enforcement agencies;

(d)  Prosecution or legal proceedings by the Court Liaison Office.

4.2  Storage of Video Records

(a)  Video records captured by the System are encrypted and stored on the hard disk of the System installed on the bus.

(b)  Video records can only be accessed and made available for viewing after being downloaded by using the specific

software system required by the System.

(c)  Video records not downloaded will automatically be overwritten by subsequent video records in about 2 weeks’ time

(depending on the storage capacity of the hard disk and the volume of subsequent video records).

(d)  Downloaded video records that are no longer required will be deleted.

4.3  Downloading of Video Records

(a)  Except for the specified purposes as set out in Section 4.1, no video record will be downloaded from the hard disk of

the System.

(b)  Relevant video records will be downloaded by authorized persons within 3 working days upon the approval of a


4.4  Approval of Requests for Downloading and Viewing Video Records

(a)  Requests for downloading and viewing of video records shall be approved by designated persons in accordance with  our internal control procedures;

(b)  Any request from an individual for viewing a video record that contains his/her personal data or for obtaining copies of such video record must be made in writing within 10 days from the date of recording. Rehabus shall refuse to comply with such request if:

1)  no relevant personal data can be identified; or

2)  the release of the video record will disclose personal data of another individual(s), who can be identified from that record, unless the other individual(s) has consented to the disclosure of his/her personal data in writing;

(c)  Rehabus may provide copies of a video record to third parties (including but not limited to law enforcement agencies) if any applicable exemptions under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance apply or after obtaining written consents from those captured in the video record;

(d)  For requests mentioned in Section 4.4 (b) and (c), regardless of whether such request is accepted or not, a reasonable administration fee will be charged depending on the volume of the video records required and the administration work involved.

5   For enquiries relating to the above policy, please contact us at (852) 2817 8154.