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Commemorative Pin Set Sales


Established in 1959, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (the Society) has been promoting holistic rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. Against the backdrop of an ageing population and increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses, we have expanded our services to persons with chronic illnesses and the elderly. In the future, we are going to move in close step with the community – expand service area through new perspectives and fresh thinking which dovetail with innovative technology. Meanwhile, we will launch the fundraising and preparation work of the redevelopment of Lam Tin Complex, aspiring to be an effective, impactful and caring organization in holistic care and rehabilitation.

In order to celebrate the diamond jubilee, the Society designed a commemorative pin set of nine pins with charity sales price HK$300. Your generous support can provide more resources for long-term service development of HKSR and promote the collaboration towards building an inclusive society which allows persons with different abilities to unleash their potential and ignite possibilities.

Details of Charity Sales

Price: HK$300/ set

Period: Until 31 March 2020


Good News!

As a part of the 60th Anniversary Celebration, the first 60 supporters can purchase “Embrace Diversity” Set with HK$600. The set includes two commemorative pin sets and a “Wonderful Hero in the Blast”(《疾風中的神奇女俠》)(original price: HK$700).


Introduction of Pins

  • Founding emblem
  • The vibrant phoenix of our emblem foretells a bright future for persons with disabilities.
  • Current emblem
  • Modernized emblem in the 2000s highlights the values of the Society: dynamic, committed and farsighted.
  • HKSR60 logo
  • Themed as “Embrace Diversity and Fly High”, the logo emphasizes persons with different abilities can unleash their potential and ignite possibilities.
  • Handless
  • Dex
  • His hands are always in his pockets. He does everything without hands and he runs really fast.
  • Cannot walk
  • Zooomba
  • Getting around on her wheels, she loves exploring the world with her wheels. She has a good balance of life and work.
  • Cannot speak
  • Yolo
  • She doesn’t speak with her voice as she just loves using her pacifier. She likes observing and thinking more than talking. She believes action is better than talk.
  • Cannot see
  • Ringo
  • His fringe covers his eyes. He loves listening to The Beatles. His big ears help him see.
  • Cannot hear
  • Wavey
  • He always has his headphones on. He appreciates the sound of silence and is great at focusing on the task at hand.
  • Invisible diseases
  • Cloaky
  • He looks like every other person because his disease is invisible. He loves wearing a cloak, run at full speed and has the courage to challenge new things.

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With the aim of expressing our gratitude to monthly donors, new donors with monthly donation over HK$500 or current donors upgrading monthly donation to HK$500 can receive a set of commemorative pins for free.

Monthly contribution of $500 can support 10 stroke survivors in financial hardship receiving day rehabilitation service which transform their lives!

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